A real milestone? the new update of signoSign/2

The current version 10.9.5 of our software signoSign/2 offers again a lot of helpful new functions and improvements ? and a real milestone. Among other things, the certificate chain for an optimized use of the eIDAS Pad signature seal has been implemented.

What does that exactly mean? It means that due to this process signotec offers a worldwide unique solution on the market that enables signatures in a PDF, created with this signotec solution, to be marked as trustworthy with a green tick in Acrobat Reader throughout Europe. For more information click here.

In general, our software signoSign/2 can be used to create PDF documents, sign them by hand and process them automatically. Signotec signature pads, tablet PCs or mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems can be used as input devices for handwritten signatures. It goes without saying that our software is always state of the art and is subject to continuous further development.

Here are the most important new features of version 10.9.5 at a glance:

Implementation of the certificate chain for optimized use of an eIDAS Pad signature seal.

New annotation field for documents opened from signoStorage.

The “DocumentTransfer” plug-in in Acrobat Reader now forwards the original file and no longer creates a copy.

Use and distribution of read-only document types that can be stored via a separate configuration.

The backup directory has been moved to %APPDATA%.

Various bug fixes, e.g. incorrect signatures in some combinations of signoSign/2 and signoSign/Universal as well as errors when archiving in a UNC network path.

More details about the changes in this and previous versions can be found in the changelog on our website. If you have any questions, the signotec support team is always available to help you.

signotec is the market and technology leader in the field of electronic signatures with signature via a pen pad or tablet PC. With signotec products, the user can sign, digitally sign, optimize business processes, avoid media breaks, authenticate people and create legally compliant documents as usual. Electronic documents signed in this way can be checked at any time, anywhere and by anyone without any technical effort. Signing remains as easy and secure as ever with signotec–s signature solutions. Signing, however, takes place directly in the electronic document. In this way, cost-intensive media breaks by using paper can be avoided and the electronic documents are protected with the digital signature and can be verified as genuine. Therewith business processes can be designed completely digitally.

signotec–s clientele includes German and international industrial customers, sales chains and companies, financial service providers, numerous institutes of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe as well as Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, insurance companies and intermediaries, who have recognized the conventional paper workflow as too cost-intensive and inefficient and implement their processes electronically, with signature but without paper.


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